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Category Teacher Training

  • Practical Teacher Training

    16 Lessons in $399.00

    ChiBall Practical Teacher Training Before undertaking the Practical Teacher training students must have completed the three foundational courses comprising the Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Musicality and Movement and Colour and Aromatherapy. Mind-body health and wellbeing is a top priority for most people and maintaining healthy lifestyles is a growing trend. As a comprehensive global […]

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

    36 Lessons in $100.00

    Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine This course teaches an understanding of the four main elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and their influences on the ChiBall Method.  It outlines the characteristics of Chi (our life force or vital energy), Yin and Yang, The Meridian system and the Five Elements.

  • Musicality and Movement

    26 Lessons in $50.00

    Musicality and Movement Ships as part 2 of the Teacher Training Course. Welcome to Musicality and Movement course of the ChiBall Programme.  In this course, we will cover key elements of the fascinating subjects of musicality and movement – two of the most fundamental aspects of the human experience.

  • Colour and Aromatherapy

    3 Lessons in $50.00

    Flower image created by Dragana_Gordic -

    Colour and Aromatherapy Part 3 of the Teacher Training Course. For thousands of years, ancient philosophies have understood that colour is a powerful universal healing force. Each colour has a vibration and association with a body part, emotion and life challenge. Fragrances and essential oils have also been credited for their ability to heal physical […]