Remedial Pilates – Spinal Motor Control DVD


Spinal Motor Control is ideal for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors wishing to introduce the ChiBall to facilitate a motor control approach to the stabiliser muscles of the core.

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Using the ChiBall to facilitate a motor control approach for the stabiliser muscles of the core, this DVD can offer participants a greater quality of movement. The ChiBall can be used to facilitate Pilates exercises in different ways; sometimes to assist, other times to challenge. This DVD is part of a series including Scapular Motor Control and Pelvic Motor Control. The Remedial Pilates series provides healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to prescribe corrective exercises. Practitioners will also gain an understanding of the special considerations of each exercise as it relates to injuries and rehabilitation. The ChiBall Method Remedial series focuses on stability and mobility rather than strength. The exercises demonstrate a simple way to relieve pain with the use of a ChiBall.

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Exempt from classification. Approx 58 minutes.

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